Exploring the nostalgic, the delicate, and the delicious!

Exploring the nostalgic, the delicate, and the delicious!


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Hi, I’m Carmen Gonzalez

I am a contemporary pop/realism artist who loves colour, patterns, and nostalgia. I am inspired by simple everyday objects. My aim is to create artwork that make people smile and reminisce.


Throughout the year, I enjoy participating in several live art shows and events. I love meeting people face-to-face and seeing them connect with my work firsthand.

I hope to see you at one of these events!

Date Event Link
Mar 15th to 17th NOA Indoor Artwalk Link
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Why do you paint?
Painting is a safe space for me, a place to be who I am.  It’s a place of comfort and peace.  It is a mediation for me to focus on the details of my paintings.  It allows me to slow down and paint at a pace that feels good.  This world is so fast pace and so many things are out of control.  It’s nice to come to a space where I can singly focus on painting each line or choosing a colour for my background.  This focus stops time and it stops all the chaos from consuming me.  Ultimately, it brings me back to what’s my purpose. 
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Happy New Year!!🥳 Wishing everyone lots of joy and laughter for 2024!!
It’s always difficult for me to pick my favourites but here’s my top 9 for 2023.  Hope you enjoyed following my art journey.  Thank you everyone for supporting my work or other working artists!!
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Original art Nutcrackers, 3inx12inx1.5in acrylic on cradled birch panel, with lovely painted sides.  These 5 nutcrackers are available through my Online Shop. #nutcrackerseason #nutcrackers #nutcrackercollection #nutcrackerfanatic #funart #acrylicartist #artistoninstagram
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